​​​Fax-Pleadings and Copies

Acceptance of faxed pleadings is currently at the discretion of the presiding judge. We will accept documents for filing by fax and will file stamp it as the original. Please do not file a duplicate original unless required by the judge. Copies of documents filed in cases stored at the main office in St. Charles may be faxed to the court locations or, to save you or an employee the cost of time and mileage, copies can be faxed to your office. Payment for faxed copies must be made in advance by using the Fax Request Form available. The charge is the same as a photocopy. A convenience fee of 2.75% applies to all credit card payments with a minimum fee of $1.00. (The convenience fee is charged by the credit card service provider and not the Courts or the Circuit Clerk and is subject to change.) This is still economical for your office when compared to your savings in time and wages, especially if you order several documents at the same time. Copies faxed from our file library to Room 160 or Room 100 may also be certified. Your office is welcome to fax into Room 160 at the Courthouse 630-208-2181 or Room 100 at the Judicial Center 630-406-7347 when you are in court and have forgotten a needed document.​​

Click Here to view update to local rules 2.04(a) regarding acceptable court filings.